Quality politics


Quality Policy

At Blancos Pileso, we manufacture cushions, pillows, mattresses, pet beds, and general white goods that meet the needs of our customers, suppliers, collaborators, shareholders, and Competent Authority, providing trust, comfort, and quality in each of the products we offer. Our products are available in the national and international markets, and our team, in conjunction with our Quality Management System, is committed to continuously improving our processes and products to achieve compliance with the required standards regarding social responsibility, sustainability, customs, and quality, aiming to become the leading choice in the white goods market.

Quality Objectives

  1. Comply with the product requirements established by the customer.
  2. Fulfill the scheduled production according to the entered orders.
  3. Address the feedback provided by our stakeholders to increase their satisfaction.
  4. Ensure that materials meet the necessary requirements to fulfill customer's demands.
  5. Achieve a sales increase compared to the previous year.
  6. Undertake improvement projects to enhance processes and products' efficiency.
  7. Attain compliance with the standards set by the customer.
  8. Have zero customer complaints about non-conforming products.
  9. Meet the company's objectives at the lowest possible cost.